The silent cry for help


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While walking between temples in Nepal, and learning the centuries-old monument and asking about its history, something amazing crossed me at the SwayambhunathTemple in Kathmandu while exploring, watching the monkeys climb around while the monks are meditating and visitors taking pictures, As my journey within Swayambhunath started, I stumbled across a monkey, it just kept looking around and barely moved nothing  like the rest of the troop, this made me wonder, after paying in-depth attention I realized that this monkeys hands were chopped off, thinking about how she felt while the rest swung through branches as they pick on fruits and foods laying around, it broke my heart. Upon asking about the monkey’s condition I was told: the monkey had gotten into a fight with another monkey and got her hands torn off or had an infection which led her biting her hands off. There was something very admiring about this monkey despite the fact being handicapped, it did not give up on life, she tried to grab food from the tray with her feet and failed, then she went for it again and failed again. As she sat on the corner of one of the Buddha’s statue. Then there was a woman, she seemed like she came to worship in the temple, watching her walk past the monkey while carrying a tray full of fruits and sweets, she caught the monkey looking at the food and soon realizing that she is hungry and wasn’t able to eat.

she stopped. She picked an orange from the tray and offered a slice. In the beginning, the monkey hesitated and stepped backward, but as the lady kept offering and leaned in, soon every emotion of the monkey was overtaken by hunger and she took a step forward taking a leap of faith and took the first slice. As she enjoyed her first slice it was a beautiful feeling inside out watching the monkey enjoy the orange as she ate each slice of the woman’s hand, I watched the woman look at me and as she smiled, she told me “sometimes the language of pure intentions to help speaks louder than words.”





Nepal- The ringing bell on the mountain


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Nepal Daily Life

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My Journey to Nepal was work-related, but as work came to an end, I still had a couple of days to explore the city. I believe the best way to explore a city is through walking, and walking through local villages, temples, and monasteries. Everyone can visit touristic destinations but the real value or the real taste of a place you can get is while you mingle with the locals. Walking through several markets selling Cashmere shawls or the many food stands in the middle of the street selling local snacks, I overheard a ring, I stopped taking any further steps and looked around to see where the sound came from, I found myself standing amongst people whose eyes are closed and are in a deep worshiping state.  I was so astonished that curiosity hit my mind and now I needed to know what the meaning of this ring or this bell sound was, so I started asking my questions. I was told that this ringing sound was from the Buddhist temple which was located on top of a mountain. I was so amazed by how just from a sound the unity amongst the people shined and they all bowed their heads down to pray together for whatever it could be, I guess what made it beautiful was a complete silence altogether, dropping every worldly interest, and bowing their heads in meditation or prayers.

After researching and asking people around I found out the temple is called Swayambhunath temple, and it is over 2600 years old. Walking up those stairs, towards the temple and just thinking of the course of time, how many people came before and how many after is just something that mesmerizes my mind. After reaching the top I witnessed many things, you see the small retail shops trying to make their daily bread and butter and some shops willing to sketch you for a small fee. but what caught my eye the most was a German national who has been living in the monastery for a couple months and the day I saw him was his first day as a Buddhist monk, I asked him on his journey his reply was patience, he has been meditating for months in order to learn the Mantra,  I was told that to learn about the mantra requires a lot of time as one is required to enter into a lot of depth. I, not having all this pleasure time but still very curious to know what the mantra is so I asked him to tell me whatever was on top of his mind, according to my understanding mantra is a prayer that is said in order to gain control over the brain and not the opposite. And then I came to my question what does the ring of the bell mean? He replied it’s a call for prayer, when one hears the ring it’s a reminder to drop everything and to be thankful, humble and to refrain from any sort of negative energy by reading the mantra and overpowering your brain from that negative energy and to live in peace and harmony. The bell is ringing 5 times a day, so 5 reminders of a positive lifestyle.

After listening to what the monk had to say, I started making my way down and I heard the bell ring again, this time I tried to practice focusing on my own positivity and to realize how thankful I am to be alive another day. From this trip I realize that there will always be good or bad, but what way are you going to power your brain to focus on?


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Man, this life is so beautiful… I get to work at 8 am today and I see that there is a new guy that has been hired, when I walk in I say hello and shake my hands with everyone. It’s a part of my culture and I like people to know how I represent my ways too, I talk to him but buddy is very intense or I say he doesn’t want to speak to anyone. After couple hours I’m standing in the field with him and I started to talk to him. He looked in the mid 20’s and for me to get his attention I already knew that if I start to speak about the woman he won’t be interested because he just met me so Instead I asked so what do you do for fun? All of a sudden it’s like when u see a light coming in a dark room his face started getting red and he got so excited talking to me about how he goes to the bar and how he gets all the girls ( every guy’s thing) and to my self I keep thinking I got another one to wake up so conversation went on and on to the point he told me he has a girlfriend and just a couple minutes before he said how many girls he fools around with. So I asked how is everything with her, keep in mind I met him half hour ago and he is already so comfortable that he is sharing the thought of someone that shares a bed with him. I don’t like speaking about people personal life but I had to tell you this story because of it very easy to get close to people and make them hear you and listen to you because once you start making them talk it’s a very noble thing to learn. It’s the comfort they feel inside of them even though the just met you, they will share everything with you. And I have experienced this so many times people have so much to talk so much to share so then why is it so hard for people? Is physical judgment too high?, or should I say physical judgment is wrong? So if it is too high and it’s wrong .. Then why is it keep spreading. Why is almost everyone in North America I feel in the beginning they are so cold but once I make them comfortable to talk, there is that humble modest person alive in them but it’s soo deep inside, that makes them look like a completely different person? And then I question my self why all these fake guards…? why not show the real you…? what cause us this disease of insecurities.

Strange humans.


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I always question my self-was earth made for humans? If not then for who..? I am currently sitting/waiting for my dad to get his dental work done. There are a couple people besides me sitting and waiting for one of their friends or family just waiting, but no one is talking with one another and because how silent it is I feel a strange feeling inside my stomach and my mind that if I talk to someone here will it be weird? And then I ask my self well on earth all we interact is with humans then why do I have this feeling? Is it just me? If it is, why is everyone on their phone and not talking to one another… Why are we so strange to one another..? How did we become like this? Is it me that only thinks like this? Can I do something to help my people?

Before giving my mind space or the path to thinking like this, I had to go through a lot of listening, listening to the good and bad saying of people, then me parting them into the good and bad categories. And then I come up with all these questions that why does a particular person think like this? Or is it a big number of people thinking like this..?

We all know the saying “monkey see monkey do” but we ignore it because we are too ignorant, but if we think about it the biggest number of the population is doing the exact same thing… How to step on someone else to go higher. We are all so selfish And where did we see this/learn this from? Where did this idea come Into the society? Who is doing all this… Why is it so hard for one human to just stop for 2 mins and talk to a completely random person and ask how his day was? And that random person instead of taking it in an “oh ur so creepy or who the fuck are you * and just answering with all his guard down and talking from the zen/positive energy within… Why is it so hard? Who made it so hard? And then again I ask my self this question was earth really made for humans only?


Betrayal of humanity


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I am not a frequent traveler, but I like to impose into random people I.e I give them a certain type of comfort that I believe they take the masks off and listen to me. I have never been to a university because of financial problems in my life. But all my friends are either doctors, PhDs in something etc… This is very hard to put in word but I believe there are Or is “Hacks” for life, and when I found the first I got hungry for the next. Humans are very cold and selfish in this new society or should I say the present generation is very programmed. Why do I say that? Because of everything I see in my daily life… Love has lost its meaning, respect has lost their grounds… Media has brainwashed our population so hard that bringing them back to reality is nothing less than a mission, a mission to wake them up from a deep sleep of unreality. Money was never there when the world started. It is a man made thing and which man-made that? The one that’s the closest to the devil… If we think about the movement of this earth based on what are they wanting to achieve? 95% of them will say I want to have a life of no stress so I want to make more money, we have been brainwashed so bravely that one forgets that the body his soul lives in doesn’t live on money.. We run after it but how many of us succeeded? Why do our debts keep increasing and the money is never enough? Is it because “they” want us to keep following this world order? How many of us has sat down and thought about it in depth of what’s there besides money? I have a lot to talk about but I am young and unaware of a lot of things. I believe in me sharing things here will hopefully make people start questioning. Because no revolution is ever going to be successful unless it begins within.
My dear fellow beings… Money is a trap of the devil. And when we worship/live to make money.. My friends, therefore we worship/live the devil’s way. Think about it this really our choice of life?